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Proximus Skynet Advertising, Vroom and MSN join forces for the Brussels Motor Show

Proximus Skynet Advertising launches a collaboration with Microsoft and extends the virtual tour of the Brussels Motor Show.

Proximus Skynet Advertising and FEBIAC extend their partnership. For the 5th year in a row, Skynet is the official and exclusive sales house for Autosalon.be. MSN.be is also part of the adventure of the 2019 Brussels Motor Show. A partnership with Microsoft For the 2019 edition of the Motor Show, Proximus Skynet Advertising has entered into a partnership with Microsoft, which will host the virtual tour of the show (Car360) on MSN.be in addition to Skynet.be and Vroom.be. The extension of the virtual tour will significantly increase the number of visitors and the visibility of the partner advertisers on the application. MSN.be is still a real reference of the web thanks to its services like MSN, Outlook.com, Skype, Bing, ... It goes without saying that this association will attract a new wide and quality public. Moreover, AppNexus is taking care of the reach extension on MSN.be.

The 2018 edition of the Brussels Motor Show generated a solid online audience. In addition to the 540,000 visitors who visited the show on-site, the virtual tour attracted more than 135,000 unique visitors, enjoying the show from their sofa with panoramic views, 360-degree photos, or interior pictures of the cars on the show. No less than 500,000 page views were generated during the show. New solutions on Promobutler, MSN and Voetbalkrant / Walfoot As is the case every year, display packs are available on the car websites: autosalon.be, vroom.be, auto55.be, autofans.be and autolive.be. Proximus Skynet Advertising also offers a range of novelties, including a collaboration with Promobutler for the online distribution of manufacturers' brochures. Promobutler collects folders and promotions circulating on the Belgian market. A native format will also be available on Voetbalkrant / Walfoot from January. Skynet's fixed values, like Shazam Takeover, Shazam for TV and Visual, Proximus11 (TV spot) and Yahoo (Gemini Stream ads), remain obviously available. These premium offers are offered in limited quantities to ensure optimum quality.

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