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Cubanisto and Shazam bring augmented reality to Belgium

Cubanisto launches a new, interactive campaign with Shazam. It comes with an augmented reality experience, which means a Belgian premiere.

Cubanisto, the beer with rum taste, has a big impact this summer. Between the beginning of June and the end of July, bottles, cans and packaging will be distributed to receive an interactive layer through Shazam.

Consumers who Shazam a bottle, can or packaging will see an augmented reality experience, which offers them the opportunity to win tickets to experience Tomorrowland.

The new Cubanisto campaign is a collaboration between AB InBev, Shazam, Vizeum, Isobar for the creative part, and Proximus Skynet Advertising.

The fact that it is a campaign with augmented reality is a Belgian premiere for all parties involved. Shazam launched visual recognition in 2015, but AR marks the next huge step forward. It has become a cornerstone to engage consumers in compelling experiences and to let brands capture their audience through an interactive, new medium.

Bring offline marketing material to life online

Shazam’s visual recognition can bring any marketing material to life: advertisements, packaging, retail material, events etc. just by utilizing the app to scan unique Shazam Codes. They are capable of delivering AR experiences such as 3D animations, product visualizations, mini-games and 360-degree videos. At the same time, the campaign generates extra traffic to both the Facebook chatbot and the Cubanisto website.

This breakthrough technology allows to increase consumer engagement through an accessible, immersive platform, providing them with a compelling and lucrative gaming experience.

"We see that the addition of Shazam leads to a noticeable increase in terms of engagement and time spent on the brand," said Bart Swimberghe, Head of Skynet Proximus Advertising.

Shazam’s AR feature offers new possibilities for a brand to bring products to life, make their advertising more engaging or build a closer relationship with the consumer,” said Kelly Tennison, Commercial Manager Shazam. “We’re excited that Cubanisto will leverage this technology on the massive distribution of their campaign.”

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