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A lot of new faces at Proximus Skynet Advertising

​Proximus Skynet Advertising has significantly increased its headcount in recent weeks and months. Thanks to these recent reinforcements, Proximus Skynet Advertising has recovered all its strike force. In total, we recruited three new sales profiles and two Ad Operations, as well as a business development person. Here is an overview by department Demand & Data

Valérie Parmentier joined the ranks of Proximus in 2010 as Management Trainee in the Corporate Communication, Products & Solutions and Innovation departments. She then gained considerable experience as a Sales Account Manager in B2B2C and Indirect Sales as Key Account Manager. A very useful experience for her, as Media Sales Consultant at Proximus Skynet Advertising.


​Morgane Garot earned a degree in communications before starting her career on Space's TV team, where she then specialized in the field of programmatic video.

​Virginie Verbist has gained most of her experience in the advertising world. Her bachelor's degree in Communication and Media Studies led her to work as Digital Advertising Manager at IPM Advertising and as Account Manager at IP Belgium and BEWEB. She started her career as a digital executive at Fastbridge. Platforms & Operations

​Bjorn Seigers holds a degree in Interactive Multimedia Design. He began his career at ... Proximus as a sales associate in Proximus shops. In 2013, he took his first steps into the media world in the Advertising Operations department of MediaDonuts.

​Farrah Ben Salem is the newest rookie at Skynet. After her business studies, she began her career as a saleswoman in the fashion sector. Over the last 5 years, she has accumulated extensive knowledge as Ad Operations Executive at IPM Advertising.

Supply & Development

​Quinten Galle earned his stripes from various media agencies (Mindshare, Mediabrands, Cadreon), where he was responsible for TV and video planning. Quinten supports Proximus Skynet Advertising in commercial relations with TV channels and in product development. As such, it offers an ideal combination to connect Skynet's management and the innovation department with the launch of addressable television.

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