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Proximus launches pilot project on mobile sponsored data

Proximus launches "My Apps Space", the new service for advertisers who want to increase the visibility of their apps and stimulate their use without exposing consumers to high data costs. In the first three quarters of 2016, the use of mobile data has increased by 27% (source: GSMA) in Belgium compared to the same period in 2015. Yet a large majority of smartphone users still seem to avoid using apps on the mobile network, fearing to see the amount of their bill increase.

Thanks to "My Apps Space", Proximus offers an environment where apps have better visibility and in which the advertiser pays for the mobile data used by the consumer. This avoids additional costs. For brands, this allows to boost the number of installations, as well as the utilization rate.

A situation that benefits both the brand and the end user. The latter can discover and recommend new applications without impact on its invoice, while the sponsor attracts new visitors in an original way. Finally, this service guarantees an uninterrupted and more extensive usage experience, since the consumer no longer needs to choose between a wi-fi and mobile Internet connection.

Thanks to "My Apps Space", the Proximus customer will have a solution to discover new applications and use its data without worry The environment will be available in first instance for Android, the version for iOS will be available in six months.

Advertisers wishing to participate in the pilot project (which will last six months) can contact Proximus Skynet Advertising via sales@team.skynet.be and join Delhaize, BNP Paribas Fortis, StepStone, ING, Luminus and STIB, who have already joined this project.

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