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E-sports go mainstream in 2017

Want to watch a gaming tournament instead of a movie on Saturday night? It’s about to become mainstream in 2017 thanks to Twitch.tv.

It's already a familiar sight in quite a few American living rooms, bars and sports halls: the number of people coming together to watch professional gamers in action live on Twitch.tv is growing exponentially. Those pro gamers take each other on in well-known games such as League of Legends, and broadcast this live and online on Twitch.tv.

Twitch.tv started in 2012 and just 5 years later has no fewer than 1.7 million broadcasters (gamers who broadcast their tournaments). More than 100 million viewers watch these online. That now makes Twitch.tv the fourth largest Internet bandwidth consumer.

"We're a place where people can discover e-sports, but also where players, commentators and organizers of tournaments come together to live their passion," says Emmet Shear, CEO of Twitch.tv.

"E-sports is one of THE trends of the moment, and a variety of reports speak of a steep upward trend in 2017", notes Bart Swimberghe, Head of Smart Advertising at Proximus Skynet Advertising.

"As the 'gaming generation' spreads across society, so it becomes more normal to watch a top tournament of, say, League of Legends on Saturday night instead of a football match", adds Bart De Waele, CEO at Wijs.be, in his prediction of the major trends of 2017.

Why do people watch others playing games? “For the same reason that people watch someone on TV cooking or playing billiards,” says Emmett Shear. “People like watching others who are good at what they do, and clearly gaming is a passion for many.”

In Belgium, Proximus Skynet Advertising is the exclusive advertising sales house for Twitch.tv. The Skynet sales house has a strong presence in gaming, given that it also has the ESL Video Network (via Four Media) in its portfolio. This includes www.azubu.tv, www.dingit.tv, and of course ESL.tv, which is made up of tv.eslgaming.com, joindota.com and hltv.org.

It should be clear that the "gaming generation" consists mainly of millennials. This public is well served by Proximus Skynet Advertising, as it is also Belgium's official reseller for Shazam (1.4 million active users per month) and Tumblr.

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