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Damiaanactie / Action Damien with Shazam for the good cause

For the first time ever, the Action Damian is running its charity campaign with the help of Shazam. This year, the young and talented Belgian independent agency The Manifest signed up for the 2017 campaign for Damiaanactie / Action Damien, a Belgian non-governmental organisation, which has been fighting against leprosy, tuberculosis and leishmaniasis since 1964.

The concept is strong and unprecedented since it introduces the very first donation campaign via Shazam which, remember, is a smartphone application, is able to recognize on demand, any musical piece.

The viewers will therefore have the possibility to use the application by Shazaming in real time the TV spot of the campaign, which will broadcast from January 22 on. This creates a real interactivity between TV commercials and the viewers' mobile devices.

Once Shazamed, the spot redirects the viewers to a web platform (faisonsdubruit.be or maaklawaai.be) which allows them, besides downloading a free piece of music, to make a donation for the association.

The beat of the spot is signed by Alex Germys, young producer and Belgian DJ, who collaborated with The Manifest for the occasion. The agency, which initiated the concept, also worked together with Proximus Skynet Advertising, which is the exclusively reseller of Shazam for Belgium.

The entire campaign includes a TV and viral spot, a radio spot and daily press ads. The broadcast on the TV screens is scheduled from 22 January to 1 February. On the French-speaking side, the spot will be broadcast on the RTBF, RTL-TVI, BE TV, BX1 and some local Walloon channels. On the Dutch-speaking side, it will air on VRT, VTM and Vitaya.

Recall that Damiaanactie / Action Damien is an apolitical and pluralistic organization. In 2014, it treated 239,516 people on three continents.

So do not hesitate, Shazam and make a donation on BE05 0000 0000 7575 (BIC BPOTBEB1).

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