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Autosalon.be and Vroom.be team up with Proximus Skynet Advertising for 2017 and beyond

Also for the edition of 2017, Proximus Skynet Advertising is the exclusive advertising sales house for Autosalon.be, the official site of the Brussels Motor Show. The Car Power offer from the sales house further includes includes Vroom.be, Auto55.be, Autofans.be and Autolive.be.

Proximus Skynet Advertising is since the 2015 edition the official advertising sales house for Autosalon.be, the official website of the European Motor Show Brussels, which is managed by automobile federation FEBIAC. The premium site is a crucial source of information during the course of the Motor Show, with 587,000 unique visitors and 1.456 million page views (source: Google Analytics).

Autosalon.be provides all practical information about the Motor Show, such as opening hours, parking, information points and restaurants, but also news with photos and video footage. The "route" tool allows site visitors to fully prepare their actual visit to the Brussels Motor Show.

Proximus Skynet Advertising is also the sales house for Vroom.be. With more than 6.1 million page views and 1 million unique visitors per month (source: Google Analytics), the site features premium editorial content and a large array of classifieds. In addition, the site offers services such as the pricing of new cars and their options. The daily newsletter, with news hot off the press about cars and motorcycles, is being sent to more than 400,000 email addresses.

For the Brussels Motor Show in January 2017, Skynet again offers a number of innovative and distinctive advertising possibilities.

More information on the Brussels Motor Show at Proximus Skynet Advertising can be found here:

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