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Proximus 11: a new media environment for TV spots

Proximus Skynet Advertising enables advertising with TV spots on Proximus 11 and Proximus 11+. The new football seasons in the Jupiler Pro League, Proximus League and UEFA Champions League will all kick off in the coming weeks. Proximus Skynet Advertising offers its advertisers "spot packages" which allow them to be present during these championships. This is a new and unique media environment!

This represents obviously an exquisite opportunity to target a male audience between 18 and 54 years old. Apart from classic arguments such as football as a impactful advertising environment, other elements add to the appeal of this new offer. First, the commercial breaks are very short, there is little clutter.

Football is also a typical co-viewing context. This is even more so at Proximus 11 and 11+ thanks to a large presence in hotel and catering businesses. Finally, the price per insertion is very attractive, allowing advertisers to be present with a spot in a qualitative, selective environment for a long period. Visibility on all screens The visibility and reach of the TV spots is even greater because the matches can also be watched on a PC, tablet and smartphone via the TV Everywhere app from Proximus.

This app allows you to also watch summaries of all the matches broadcast on Proximus 11. The latest football news is also available on the Proximus 11 app for iOS and Android.

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