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Facelift for the homepage of Skynet.be

Proximus launches today the new homepage of its website www.skynet.be. In a rapidly changing telecom and media landscape, the company wants to be more close to its customers. For over 20 years, Skynet.be continues to play a crucial role in this context.

The facelift comes almost a year and a half after the previous update. The home page has been redesigned to better highlight the specific identity, while maintaining a clear link with Proximus. The design has been revamped by reducing and modernizing and news component became more accessible and visible.

Meanwhile, the Proximus applications (mini TV guide, mini football calendar, promotion of the business segment, etc.) continue to occupy a central spot.

This makeover dramatically improves the surfing experience of the site Skynet.be, both in terms of content and navigation. The Skynet homepage attracts on average 450.000 unique visitors, generating 3 million visits and 5 million page views per month.

More flexibility for advertisers The new home page has a perfectly integrated top format. The right column hosts a medium rectangle. A halfpage is also available on this spot and can now be purchased as a Portalpower pack, for the hompages of Yahoo.be and Skynet.be.

A second leaderboard also been integrated in the news feed. Finally, the new homepage provides increased flexibility for tailor-made native advertising.

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