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Major Belgian sales houses present in partnership with Adsdaq, a purchasing platform for premium dig

Today, the Persgroep Advertising, Advertising IPM, Mediahuis Connect, Pebble Media, Proximus Skynet Advertising, Advertising Rossel, Roularta Media and Trustmedia were the first European sales houses to adopt an automated platform for buying digital media: buymedia.be. This platform, created at the explicit request of the UMA, allows the sales houses to facilitate the sale of their premium and guaranteed offer.

The online inventory (display, mobile and video) of the major Belgian players is now available on a single digital platform. Result: a more efficient sales process, but also greater transparency.

  • Purchase orders textbooks belong to the past: the new system generates automatically, and you can download them as needed.

  • A direct link to the ad server can check availability in real time, and book ordering.

  • A system of chat can process quickly and efficiently all questions related to a campaign.

  • Each transaction takes into account the annual trade agreements and other contracts.

  • buymedia.be gives you access to 3 million surfers daily.

An intuitive dashboard lets you view current offers, options and feedback from the publisher. It is also possible to connect to the internal systems of the media buyers.

What is the difference with Real Time Bidding? Just like in a traditional sale process, the budget and the number of impressions are determined in buymedia.be. The sales process is simply automated, and delivery of the volume purchased by the customer is guaranteed.

By unifying their offer and standardizing the process of buying and selling, the Belgian publishers are prepared for the future. They offer a powerful alternative for the booking tools of international players, while meeting local market needs. In the process, they create a partnership that creates a lot of interest internationally.

Bruno Liesse, UMA President (United Media Agencies): "We fully support this type of sectoral initiatives, which contribute to the development of the digital segment in our local market. Especially as all the media agencies have invested in recent years in the know-how and skills in measuring, purchasing techniques and remarketing of various digital channels."

The platform buymedia.be is online as from today. Each publisher will communicate to its customers the date on which its online offering will be available. Participants decided to propose their premium guaranteed offers only on buymedia.be. This decision from the publishers will allow them to organize the buying process as efficiently as possible, by collecting it on a single platform. At the same time, they can focus on developing buymedia.be according to the needs of media buyers and local publishers.

Questions ? Contact Allan Segebarth, allan@adsdaq.eu, + 32 475 32 35 31 About Asdaq.eu The purchasing platform Adsdaq.eu, marketed in Belgium under the name buymedia.be, has been developed by Adlogix, a Belgian technology company that creates software for the market of digital advertising and counts several players from national and international media among its clients.

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