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Older news items (2015 - 2014)




Proximus Skynet Advertising reinforces its Video Power "News & TV" offer
Brussels, 27 November 2015 - Proximus Skynet Advertising is reinforcing its pre-roll Video Power "News & TV" offer with pre-roll ads running on an extensive network of news and television websites.

With the addition of the pre-roll inventory of the sites of Canal+, BFM TV and several national and international players in the news and TV area, Proximus Skynet Advertising can now offer advertisers a comprehensive and qualitative network. The offer is good for 13.5 million video impressions per month, with specific news and television targeting.

In addition to these news and TV oriented context, the Videopower solutions also include pre-roll solutions focused on entertainment, gaming, large reach and socio-demographic. All this can be purchased both in CPM as in CPV, directly or through programmatic.

More information about Skynet Video Power can be found here.

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Proximus launches regional advertising test with Dobbit TV and Transfer
Brussels, 6 November 2015 - As of today, Proximus is launching on Proximus TV  a pilot project on data driven targeted advertising on TV. For the first test, Proximus partners with Dobbit TV and its sales house Transfer. It focuses on targeting on the regional level.

Proximus TV-customers in West-Flanders will receive a regionalised version of the Dobbit TV channel. The advertisements that are shown in the TV channel can be adapted to local DIY shops. Dobbit is also capable to adapt the product placement to feature local products.  This advertisement facility is based on technical pre-settings and does not require treatment of personal data.  

Fernand Vanrie, editor Dobbit TV: “Our viewers watch Dobbit TV because they want to get active themselves. By showing local shops where they can buy the products that are used in our shows, we are helping them to find the products and we are increasing the value for a national advertiser who has local sales outlets.”

Koenraad Deridder, Managing Partner at Transfer: “As a thematic sales house, we offer clients the possibility to target on viewer’s passions. Data driven targeting makes it easier to engage that viewer across different channels and to aggregate inventory from these channels into even more relevant campaigns. That is why we are partnering with Proximus in pilot projects around targeted advertising.”

Phillip Vandervoort, Chief Consumer Market Officer Proximus: “We believe that targeted TV advertising will have a positive impact on the TV user experience. The test with Dobbit is the first in a series of pilot projects that Proximus is setting up together with various media partners. The purpose of the test is to gather feedback from our customers and to analyse the value and interest for advertisers.”

After the test phase, Dobbit TV, Transfer and Proximus will decide together if the regional advertising capability will be rolled out on a national level.

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OMG! Shazam the SWAG radio spots of mortierbrigade for De Standaard. YOLO.
Brussels, 15 October 2015 - Like every year comes 'De Standaard' comes up also this year with a language test. This time they don't want to test how Flemish your Dutch is, but to check how well you are with the trends in the Dutch language.
To promote the language test "Hoe chill is uw Nederlands?", mortierbrigade created radio spots  where they lavishly disperse new Dutch words.

You do not understand much about it? There, too, mortierbrigade has devised a chill solution with Shazam . If you shazam the radio spots, you  get to hear the "translated" version to hear. So it's not something for one trick pony's.

It's a cool example of the wide range of possibilities of Shazam. Meanwhile, the app counts already 5.5 million active users in Belgium who use the app to recognize music, but also to connect with offline campaigns, TV spots and now also radio spots. A revolutionary technology that is sold exclusively in Belgium by Proximus Skynet Advertising. Fab!

Listen here to one of the spots.  

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Walfoot and Voetbalkrant beat records
Brussels, 7 September 2015 - The last day of the "Mercato", the summer period for transfers of football players in Belgium, has resulted in many all-time records for Walfoot and Voetbalkrant. The deadline of August 31 was again marked by a few dramatic twists and turns on the transfer market. The football fans were able to follow all the news in detail on Walfoot and Voetbalkrant, and that's what they did massively.

On August 31, 2015, 150,457 unique visitors in total surfed on both sites. Together, they generated 272,693 visits and 1,820,300 page views.

This traffic allowed Walfoot and Voetbalkrant to beat all existing records. Voetbalkrant, for example, attracted 110,516 unique visitors on August 31. Previous records date back to May 21, 2015 (97,029 unique visitors) and to June 27, 2014 (96,679 unique visitors). The 1.4 million page views also destroy the previous record of 1.08 million recorded exactly one year ago.

Walfoot received 39,941 unique visits on August 31 and has beaten the previous record of 30,703, set just the day before. Other one-day records  have also been beaten on August 31: 67,197 visits (compared to 45,796 visits on August 30) and 398,809 page views (a total almost 40% higher than the 260,700 of the previous day).

Walfoot and Voetbalkrant offer a particularly extensive coverage of football events, including the 4th to 1st division championships, youth groups, women and indoors, up to the provincial football championships. You will also find previews of teams and international championships.

Besides Walfoot and Voetbalkrant, Proximus Skynet Advertising also commercializes Sport.be and Proximus11.be. With these sites in portfolio, this make them the reference for advertisers wishing to communicate in a sporting context, to a mostly male audience.

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Proximus Skynet Advertising becomes the new sales house for Auto55.be
Brussels, 25 August 2015 - As from September 1, 2015, Proximus Skynet Advertising becomes the new advertising sales house for Auto55.be. Skynet Advertising is thus further expanding its broad and strong portfolio of automotive context with a very strong player in the market.

Auto55.be, founded in 2001, is one of the pioneers in the sector. The site stands out in the crowd by following an independent and purely editorial line since the very beginning. The professional and skilled technical editorial team keeps its finger on the pulse of the automotive world, and a consistent quality and seriousness of the information is always paramount.

The contents of Auto55.be consists of fast, relevant and accurate news, but also profound and unique content: you will find more background information, history, economic and technical news than on any other car site. Also popular or "human interest" stories are not shunned, as long as they offer sufficient quality. Besides the "big" car news, Auto55.be also offers unprecedented and unique content. Examples include files such as 'Legendary Cars Movies', about 'Car Washing', an extensive retro section and unique reports, e.g. on driving the entire Route 66.

This approach pays dividends, as the number of visitors prove. The site can count on an average of 130,000 unique visitors per month and 500,000 page views on a monthly basis (source: Google Analytics). This makes Auto55.be the largest site in its category in Belgium.

Auto55.be also maintains a vibrant relationship with its audience via social media: the site has 13,000 active Facebook fans, more than 3,500 Twitter followers and a YouTube channel which has already been viewed 200,000 times. The site also distributes a newsletter to which 30,000 people have subscribed.

Auto55.be joins the strong CARPOWER offer of Skynet Advertising, which consists of Vroom.be, Autofans.be, Autosalon.be, Autolive.be and the car sections on Skynet.be, Yahoo and 2dehands/2ememain.be.  


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Campari Benelux and SEAT make their offline campaigns interactive with Shazam Visual
Brussels, 4 August 2015 - Campari Benelux and SEAT are the first brands this week in Belgium to launch an advertising campaign supported by the new visual recognition by Shazam. This revolutionary technology is sold exclusively in Belgium by Proximus Skynet Advertising.

With the latest version of the app (with the camera icon in the upper left corner), aimed at a Shazamable ad, the viewer gets offered a tailor-made mobile experience, creating extensive engagement. The app is available for Android, Apple and Windows, respectively in the Google Play Store, via iTunes and in the Microsoft Store.

Together with its agency Mindshare, Campari Benelux puts its brand Aperol Spritz in the spotlight. The Abribus poster is part of a larger summer campaign around the message "summer in a glass," with the intention to broaden the national fame of the brand Aperol Spritz. Besides a number of above- and below-the-line activations, Campari Benelux takes it a step further by offering the audience an interactive experience through the poster campaign. In collaboration with JC Decaux and Shazam, the poster was provided with an invisible watermark that is recognized by Shazam.

Campari Benelux uses the unique capabilities of Shazam visual recognition to connect offline to online, and to offer the spectator dynamic content. This fits perfectly with the social personality of Aperol Spritz consumers, who are particularly active in digital media.

SEAT is present at the airport of Zaventem with an OOH campaign (Out Of Home), promoting the pre-launch of the new SEAT Ibiza. The campaign, which runs between 1 and 15 August, was developed by Air and Mediacom. During that time, no less than 1.25 million passengers will encounter the 70 posters of 2 m2 each, placed by JC Decaux. If they Shazam them, they will be directed to a mobile Web page where potential customers can indicate their interest in the new model.


While the Campari Benelux and SEAT posters are examples of OOH campaigns, L'Oréal will launch in late August the first Shazamable in-store campaign for its perfume brand Diesel.

Interactive capabilities for offline campaigns
Shazam's visual recognition is a new concept offering advertisers unprecedented opportunities to give a digital dimension to their print and offline media.
Shazam has 5.5 million active users in Belgium. They use the app to recognize music, interact with TV spots and now also with offline campaigns.


Click here to discover more on the possibilities of Shazam Visual.

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MTG invests in Europe’s largest multi-channel network Zoomin.TV
Brussels, 28 July 2015 - MTG (Modern Times Group) has acquired 51% of Zoomin.TV, the online video entertainment network, content production and advertising sales house. MTG is an international entertainment company based in Sweden, which produces, buys and shows entertainment and sports through its channels in 130 countries.  

Read more here.

Interested what Zoomin.tv can do for you? Check it out.  


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Shazam introduces visual recognition capabilities, opening up a new world of Shazamable content
Brussels, 28 May 2015 - Shazam today announced the introduction of visual recognition, new functionality that extends the company’s mobile engagement platform to create a world where everything from posters, to packaged goods, to print media, and more are transformed from static images into dynamic pieces of content. The company also announced a series of partnerships with leading brands around the world to Shazam-enable their products.

Starting today, users with the latest version of Shazam installed on their mobile phones can simply open the app and tap the new camera icon to start the visual experience. Whenever they wave their phone over any item with the Shazam camera logo on it or a QR Code, they’ll instantly get taken to custom mobile experiences including interactive content, special offers, and ability to purchase items or share them with others. This capability will live side-by-side with the existing Shazam audio functionality people rely on to discover new artists, catch up on favorite acts, listen to music, and use while watching TV.

With more than 5.3 monthly active users in Belgium, visual recognition within Shazam enables a near-frictionless way for brands to drive deeper, more impactful engagements with a massive audience in a single tap. Additionally, Shazam can build unique mobile experiences for these brands, eliminating the burdens associated with building and maintaining custom specialty apps. Select companies participating in the initial launch include:

United States:

  • The Walt Disney Company: Disney partnered with Shazam to create the world’s first visually Shazamable ad (for the Tomorrowland movie) and will continue to roll out visual Shazam-enabled content for upcoming movies. Disney Music Group will also be part of the visual Shazam rollout with content from their artists being Shazam-enabled.

  • Target: Minneapolis-based Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) is a leading retailer serving guests at 1,795 stores and at Target.com. Target and Shazam are working together to make print and TV ads shoppable through your phone. By Shazaming these images, guests will be able to engage with additional content and shop featured products by linking to Target.com.

  • Esquire: the original men’s magazine, Esquire published its first issue in 1933. It will publish its 1000th issue in October and make use of Shazam to link from its pages to Esquire’s complete digital archive and, in particular, to seminal stories from its past by writers such as Hemingway, Mailer, Roth, Wolfe and Talese. Esquire is a Hearst publication.

  • Time Inc: the media company with over 90 brands, including Time, People, Real Simple, and Entertainment Weekly will be participating in the launch, initially showcasing a Shazam-enabled feature from the iconic Sports Illustrated.

  • The Wall Street Journal: WSJ. Magazine is The Wall Street Journal's luxury lifestyle publication. With 12 issues dedicated to the power and passions of the Journal's global readership, WSJ.'s in-depth coverage spans fashion, design, food, architecture, travel and more. The magazine will partner with Shazam for its September 2015 Women's Fashion issue.

Rest of World:

  • Guerlain: based in France, House of Guerlain is one of the world’s oldest perfume houses. Guerlain will Shazam-enable their packaging and product advertisements.

  • Evian: producer of mineral water from the French Alps, Evian will work with Shazam to enable print and outdoor advertisements appearing this summer in France and the UK.

  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment: Warner Brothers is using Shazam to promote its upcoming Batman™: Arkham Knight video game for its June 24th Australian launch.

  • Phenix Groupe: the French leader in outdoor advertising. Phenix Groupe and Shazam will work to Shazam-enable their billboard, furniture, and field marketing material.

“The introduction of visual recognition is another step on our journey to extend the ways people can use Shazam to engage with the world around them,” said Rich Riley, Chief Executive Officer, Shazam. “For brands, we’re providing a near-frictionless way to engage customers on their mobile devices, with a single tap of a button.”

More information about using Shazam for visual recognition, including the ability to try it out, is available at http://shazam.com/news/visual.

Price per engagement
These revolutionary developments are excellent news for the advertiser, but there's more: Shazam has adjusted its pricing policy to reflect the growing number of touch points (music, TV, cinema, print recognition and soon, in-store beaconing). Shazam not only ensures that consumers see the product, but also that they interact with it. Hence the advertiser now pays only the real cost of the user engagement on his campaign.

Shazam is marketed exclusively in Belgium by Proximus Skynet Advertising. It is one of the most popular apps on smartphones. In our country alone, it is installed on over 80% of all devices, which is equivalent to 4.4 million users. Worldwide there are more than 600 million users.

Belgium saw already several "Shazamable" TV campaigns, with several others still in the pipeline. Several brands have already booked campaigns in the app itself.


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First splash page sold via programmatic buying in Belgium
Brussels, 30 April 2015 - In collaboration with trading desk Cadreon, Proximus Skynet Advertising announces the launch of a national exclusivity for their customer, credit company Cofidis.

As a sales house for which innovation is paramount, Proximus Skynet Advertising makes its entire portfolio in display and video advertising available since a few months for programmatic buyers. They can now also make their choice from a wide range in the domains of sports, car, weather and entertainment. This includes amongst others Sport.be, Voetbalkrant-Walfoot-BelgiumSoccer, Dailymotion, Zoomin.tv, Autosalon.be, Autofans.be, Autolive.be and Skynet.be.

Next to its offer in display via standard formats, Proximus Skynet Advertising announces the launch of a national exclusivity in collaboration with trading desk Cadreon, the Mediabrands subsidiary for automated buying: the first splash page sold via the programmatic channel.

Cadreon has been active since 2012 as one of the forerunners in terms of programmatic buying. It is the largest player in the Belgian market with a team of 12 people.

This Belgian premiere came about through via a private deal, in which Cadreon bought this impact format for its loyal customer, credit company Cofidis.

For more information:
Frédéric De Cooman (Sales Manager) - frederic.decooman@team.skynet.be - 0474 71 71 69
Stéphane Lucien (Director Cadreon) - Stephane.Lucien@cadreon.com - 0497 03 25 99


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The Voetbalkrant and Walfoot sites have launched their app
Brussels, March 12, 2015 - Walfoot and Voetbalkrant just launched their new application. Football fans are therefore the first to know the latest news on the Belgian championship, the results of our players abroad and about the Red Devils. In addition to the latest news from the world of football, the fans can find under "My team" all the news of their favorite club. And with the "Live" tab for the Jupiler Pro League, they never have to miss a goal.

The app will cover other competitions in the coming weeks. Developed by the Panenka76 agency, specialized in sports apps, and sponsored by Unibet, it ranked first among the most downloaded free apps on the iTunes App Store, just one day after its launch.

The app as well as the Walfoot, Voetbalkrant and BelgiumSoccer sites are part of the Proximus Skynet Advertising portfolio, which offers a quality offer to advertisers wishing to communicate in a sports context, mainly aimed at a male audience.
Walfoot and Voetbalkrant offer extensive coverage on a wide range of national and international championships. Together with BelgiumSoccer, these sites generate 20 million monthly page views (source: Google Analytics, February 2015).


The professionalism of these sites is illustrated by their editorial team (10 full-time employees) and their partnership with the Royal Belgian Football Association (KBVB - URBSFA).
Finally, an improved version of the 3 sites will be available soon for even more football.


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Skynet.be presents its vision for the future
Brussels, February 25, 2015 - Today Proximus launched the new website www.skynet.be. In a rapidly changing telecom and media landscape, in which the company wants to be closer to its customers, Skynet.be still plays a crucial role after 20 years . With the update, the site is ready for the future.

The renovation makes the browsing experience on Skynet.be much more qualitative, both in terms of content and ease of use. In order to achieve this, a new template and improved usability has been applied everywhere. The main changes include a redesigned homepage, news headlines, TV, football and classical music pages. They received a contemporary-styled layout, based much more on images.

Also watching Proximus TV via the site, or programming TV recordings via smartphone, tablet and PC are unique possibilities with which Skynet.be distinguishes itself from other mass media in Belgium. These functions allow Proximus customers to use their media seamlessly and cross-device.

Some sections are gone, but the 18-strong Proximus Skynet editorial and design team focuses on quality content. This is closely aligned with the needs of the Proximus customers concerning television, football, film, technology and entertainment.

Skynet.be is now fully responsive, and therefore suitable for viewing on PC, smartphone as well as tablet. The hyperlinks www.proximustv.be and www.proximus11.be now refer immediately to the TV and football sections on Skynet.be.
"Less is more" also applies to advertisers. The number of advertising formats has dropped, but on the other hand they are more precisely targeted, better integrated and more impactful, generating a better return on investment.

Native advertising plays a much bigger role on the new Skynet.be, where the content of the ads converges much more with the context of TV apps, football, mobile, ...


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Skynet Advertising is the new sales house for Vroom.be
Brussels, February 18, 2015 - Proximus Skynet Advertising becomes the new sales house for the site www.vroom.be, from March 1, 2015 onwards.

With over 55,000 visits per day and 1 million unique visitors per month, Vroom.be, which is a site of Mediahuis (Nieuwsblad, Standaard, GVA ...,) is among the largest contextual websites on cars in Belgium. Eighty percent of the visitors visit the editorial section of the website. Furthermore, the site offers additional services, such as the pricing of new cars and their options.

The daily newsletter with news hot off the press about cars and engines, is sent to a database with over 400,000 email addresses, generating a lot of extra visits to the editorial section of the website.

Vroom.be joins the premium car channels already in the Skynet Advertising portfolio, such as Autosalon.be, Autofans.be, 2dehands/2ememain.be, Autolive.be and the Skynet.be car channel.

Vroom.be was founded in 2000 by Lionel Hermans and Eric Spitzer. As "the only independent player", the growing platform was sold in 2006  to Corelio. In 2013, Corelio and Concentra announced their merger. After the subsequent reorganization, Mediahuis took care of both the development of the platform and the the commercial exploitation.



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Skynet.be lets you visit the 93th Brussels Motor Show virtually
Brussels, 20 January 2015 - Visitors of Skynet.be have this year again the ability to visit the 93th Brussels Motor Show in a unique way. From their seats and with computer or tablet in hand, they can immerse themselves the atmosphere and experience the many Belgian, European and world premieres, thanks to the 360 degrees application.

No less than 30 booths can be visited like that. Via the drop-down menus, visitors can make their choice which makes and models they want to visit. This year there are three commercial partners. Opel, which places the new Corsa in the limelight, is the main partner.


Suzuki and Ford, who are structural partners, bring respectively the new Vitara and the new Mondeo to the attention. On their booths, you also get extensive possibilities: panorama photos of the interior of the cars and 360 ° photos with which you can see all around some cars.

Besides this virtual tour, a rich and varied case on the Brussels Motor Show can be found on Skynet.be, featuring previews, concept cars and prototypes, and of course the hostesses.

Skynet Advertising has a strong car-related context. Besides the car pages of Skynet.be, the portfolio includes sites such as Autofans.be, Autolive.be, 2dehands.be Cars and Autosalon.be.


Visit the Brussels Motor Show virtually on Skynet.be here (Dutch) or here (French).


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Extended advertising offer on 2dehands.be/2ememain.be
Brussels, December 12, 2014 - In its ten-year existence, classifieds site 2dehands.be/2ememain.be has become one of the three most visited websites in Belgium and it is even Belgium's largest car classifieds site (source: CIM). This week, 2dehands/2ememain.be introduced the new website which is better adapted to the browsing habits of today's visitors. The new site is characterized by a fresh layout, it adapts to the screen size of the visitor and is developed by and for the visitors. There is also a more extensive advertising offer, which will be sold by both 2dehands.be/2ememain.be and Skynet Advertising.

The new site also has new impact formats - namely the half-page (available on the detail of the classifieds) and the billboard (available on the results page and personal page). In the new website's layout, the  banner positions are presented in a more powerful way, which will benefit the results of advertisers. These new formats can be linked to targeting options, which provide a brand with even more possibilities to display the message at the right moment, the right place and at the right visitor.

2dehands.be/2ememain.be is still part of the Skynet network and the successful collaboration between the two companies will be continued in 2015. What changes, however, is that the advertising spaces are sold by both the services of 2dehands.be/2ememain.be, as well as Skynet Advertising:

  • The 2dehands.be/2ememain.be team sells campaigns that run only on their site and are specifically targeted, integrated and impactful. The 2dehands.be/2ememain.be sales team is doing site-centric sales, through both traditional and programmatic channels.

  • Skynet Advertising sells advertising opportunities 2dehands.be/2ememain.be in package (i.e. in combination with other sites of the Skynet network). These are on the one hand focused on "context" and on the other hand on "reach and performance." Context consists mainly of the car portfolio, whereby the extensive car section on 2dehands.be/2ememain.be is offered in conjunction with Autosalon.be, Autofans.be, Autolive.be the Skynet.be car category. With Reach & Performance, 2dehands.be/2ememain.be is part of the Skynet network solutions combining a qualitative range and competitive prices, providing advertisers a maximum return on investment.

Highlights 2dehands.be/2ememain.be:

  • Third largest site in Belgium according to CIM;

  • 6.9 million unique visitors per month;

  • 500,000 mobile app downloads since launching the app;

  • Largest car site in Belgium;

  • Most popular classifieds site in Belgium.



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Skynet Advertising strengthens its car offer with Autolive.be
Brussels, October 30, 2014 - Skynet Advertising has expanded its portfolio with www.autolive.be. The site joins a strong car-related context offered by Skynet and consisting of Autofans.be, Autosalon.be, Skynet.be cars, 2dehands/2ememain.be Cars and Yahoo Auto.

Autolive.be is a bilingual website with free high-quality ads for all types of vehicles (car, motorcycle, classic cars, ...), divided into 17 categories according to the type of vehicle. It also has a business directory with 9,500 vendors, all verified by the team of Autolive. Quality is highly regarded, as also the classifieds published by individuals are being moderated, in order to prevent fraud.

Autolive.be attracts about 75,000 monthly visitors, mostly men aged 25 to 44 years. Placing ads happens according to the freemium principle (placing is free, promotion is paying).

In addition to the standard formats, Skynet Advertising also provides impact formats such as billboard and half page on Auto Live.

Autolive.be is a Belgian company through and through, founded by Patrick Tondreau and Bernard de Rubinat. Patrick Tondreau is active in the world of online classifieds (marketing and product manager at Real, Director of Vlan.be and a.i. manager at Logic-Immo.be) since 2004, while Bernard de Rubinat, who accumulated internet experience since 1994, takes care of the technical side of things.


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Skynet Videopower: a powerful platform for all video advertising channels
17 October 2014 - Skynet Advertising has upgraded its Videopower offer, by integrating both direct and programmatic sales channels and the adserving for video ads onto one single platform, which is controlled by LiveRail.

Bringing together this video inventory on a single integrated platform such as LiveRail offers many advantages. On the one hand, Skynet can manage and optimize alll campaigns centrally, thus maximizing the campaign results for the customer. On the other hand, Skynet also centralizes and balances the programmatic and direct sales channels. Socio-demo targeting, preferred deals and real-time bidding are now available to advertisers.

Skynet has a quality inventory of 48 million in-video ad impressions, through its premiumpartners as Zoomin.tv, Dailymotion, ePlayer, Twitch.tv, VideoStrip and SpilGames. Only the news video advertising solutions of Dailymotion and Zoomin.tv are at this moment exclusively available through the direct sales of Skynet. Along with ePLAYER (via HLN.be and 7sur7.be), the Skynet Videopower news channels alone account for 10 million impressions.

LiveRail is, next to a leading buying and selling platform for video ads, also an adserving platform that processes three billion monthly impressions (25% of all video ads global). Hundreds of publishers use LiveRail to sell their inventory quickly and safely through an interface with which they can manage and optimize the campaigns of their advertisers.



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Bart Swimberghe appointed Head of Belgacom Skynet Advertising
23 September 2014 - Bart Swimberghe has been appointed Head of Belgacom Skynet Advertising. In his new role, he will supervise the various departments of the Skynet sales house and guaranteed the continuity, together with Frédéric De Cooman who remains at the head of the sales team, and Vincent Grossen who will further lead the AdOps team.

"I am confident that this change will help us to perform better in the future," says Bart. "In my new role also, I will ensure that our qualitative offer will make the difference on the market, delivering the best possible service and the best results."


Belgacom Skynet Advertising offers a complete range of cutting-edge digital media services and solutions through various strategic channels. With names like Zoom.in, Dailymotion, SpilGames, Twitch.tv, Skynet Advertising is a major player in the field of video advertising. This is reinforced by our recent partnership with Shazam, enabling us to offer exclusively in Belgium the innovative and interactive "Shazamable" TV spot.

Also in context solutions like football and cars, we have a powerful offering with sites like Sport.be, Belgacom11, Autofans.be and 2dehands/2ememain.be Cars. This was recently expanded and strengthened thanks to the addition of Autosalon.be to our portfolio.

Our other strong brands such Skynet.be, 2dehands/2ememain.be, Yahoo, PortalPower, Brands4Brands, Voetbalkrant/Walfoot and our e-mail platform JustForYou, we also have quality assets for mass reach and targeting.


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Skynet Power Challenge is coming to IAB Discovery!
12 September 2014 - Come to visit us at IAB Discovery and become the most Powerful Digital Native, male as well as female)! Nice prizes to win. #skynetpowerchallenge #skynetadvertising

Special IAB Matrix study release

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The most popular Shazamed songs in Belgium in August
1 September 2014 – Which songs have been 'Shazamed' most during the month of August 2014 in Belgium?
Click here to see the top 100!

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Belgacom Skynet Advertising is the official sales house for Autosalon.be
6 August 2014 - Belgacom Skynet Advertising has added the site Autosalon.be officially to its portfolio. Skynet emerged as the winner of pitch organized by FEBIAC and by digital agency Mountainview.

Autosalon.be is the official site of the European Motor Show Brussels and is being operated by non-profit organisation FEBIAC, the Belgian car and cycle federation. In the period from December 2013 to January 2014, the site attracted 500,000 unique visitors (source: Google Analytics). In comparison, the Motor Show itself drew 582 830 visitors in January of this year.


The site www.autosalon.be offers all practical information about the Motor Show, such as opening hours, parking, information points and restaurants, as well as news with photo and video materials of the event. For example, visitors oc the site can prepare their actual trip to the salon optimally with the "route" tool. Several proposed routes can be consulted in function of the purpose of their visit: explore the purchase of a new car, a nice day trip or dream cars.

Also the app helps them: it allows you to download the entire catalog and brochures of brands of choice, or to keep track in real-time of events during the Motor Show.

In addition to the pure event information, Autosalon.be salon also offers an overview of all exhibitors at the Motor Show.
With Autosalon.be, Belgacom Skynet Advertising further strenghtens its offer in the field of car context. Autosalon.be joins Autofans.be, Yahoo Auto, the 360 degree app on Skynet.be (with which a virtual salon visit is possible) and the biggest cars website in Belgium according to the CIM figures, the car section of 2dehands/2ememain.be .

Skynet Advertising will offer a wide range of advertising solutions in partnership with Mountainview, such as display, sponsorship and native / content advertising. A detailed offer is coming soon.


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Belgacom Skynet Advertising expands portfolio with Spilgames
16 July 2014 - With the addition of Spilgames, Skynet Advertising further expands its portfolio in the field of video advertising. Through its different websites, Spilgames reaches 1.4 million unique visitors in Belgium alone.

The video advertising offering of Skynet with a.o. Dailymotion, Zoomin.tv, Twitch.tv and ePlayer, adds 5 million pre-roll impressions at once with the addition of Spilgames. Pre-roll ads are particularly effective on the sites of Spilgames, with a high view and click-through rate.
Other formats, such as takeover, billboard ad and floor are also available.

Spilgames also offers the opportunity to focus on specific target groups: teenagers and twentysomethings through Jeu.fr/Spel.nl,young girls through Girlsgogames.com and women and families through Jeux.fr/Spelletjes.nl.
Next to the video advertising network, Spilgames also means an expansion of Skynet's gaming network, joining names such as Twitch.tv and Eurogamer (Gamer Network).

Spilgames was founded in the Netherlands in 2001 as Spill Group. In 2004 it launched its first online game site. International expansion began in 2007, followed by a name change to Spilgames the year after. Today the group has more than 50 websites in 20 languages​​.

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Special Tour De France offer on Dailymotion
24 June 2014 – The 101st edition of the world's biggest cycling race is on Dailymotion! ASO and its privileged partners foresee thousands of hours of high-quality videos: daily magazines and summaries, behind-the-scenes stories, interviews and much more. Our offer includes autopromo, pre-roll, editorial,...

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First Shazam TV campaigns in Belgium have started
21 May 2014 – The first TV ads, made interactive by Shazam and commercialized by Belgacom Skynet, were aired this week on the Belgian television channels. This type of TV ads makes it possible for the viewer to interact with the ad via a second screen, thus increasing his engagement.

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Brands4Brands special World Cup offer
11 April 2014 - We proudly present you the World Cup promotion on Brands4Brands: if you buy 2 Plus packs (Reach or Impact), you will receive a 50% discount on the second one!

The promotion is available on packs bought before the start of the World Cup on 12 June, 2014, and the campaign must run before the World Cup final on 13 July 2014.


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Skynet Advertising becomes advertising representative of Shazam in Belgium
24 February 2014 - As the official advertising representative in Belgium, Belgacom Skynet Advertising will sell Shazam For TV (SFTV) as well as in-app advertising opportunities.
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Socio-demo targeting now available on Skynet's video ad offer
17 January 2014 - Belgacom Skynet Advertising now offers socio-demographic on its video advertising offering (pre-roll and other solutions).
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