Special offer on custom pre-rolls

Make your videos more catchy!

Your audience loves videos, and so do you. But how do you make sure that your pre-rolls are being watched, amid an ocean of campaigns?

Dailymotion has a solution for that : the customised video pre-roll! Thanks to its creative studio NRoll, Dailymotion can personalise your pre-roll campaigns, in order to make them even more eye-catching.


Get the best results of your video campaigns by adding a touch of creativity and when it’s necessary a call-to-action.


The added value for your campaign?


  • Higher retention than with a traditional spot:  VTR +70%

  • Higher brand recall

  • Engage your audience by adding a call-to-action : CTR: +2%

  • Premium placements that guarantee better viewability: in-view + 70%


Are you ready to get your video campaigns on the next level?

Have a look at some creative cases here and contact us!

Some examples
VW custom seekbar

VW: custom seekbar

Axe: fast impact

Spadel: custom takeover

Want more examples of the possibilites? Check them out on this link.

The offer

Pre-roll personalised by Nroll - the creative studio of Dailymotion - based on your briefing, is offered.


  • Budget : 5.000€

  • CPM : 12.50€

  • Impressions : 400.000

  • Discount : -75% SUMMER CONDITIONS!


  • Budget : 8.000€

  • CPM : 20€

  • Impressions : 400.000

  • Discount : -60%. SUMMER CONDITIONS!

Offer valid for all campaigns signed during the summer period until August 31 and running until September 30, 2019


For more information, contact us: sales@team.skynet.be

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